Family Offices

The Heated Race Of Family Offices

The recent wave of mergers and acquisitions within the multi-family office field led to an opinion that the industry will soon divide into a few wealth management giants and numerous small advisories.

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Industry Insights

Family Offices: Then and Now

As compared to tradition family offices, the modern ones, focus on making the best use of capital by finding deal flow in emerging markets such as Blockchain or Cannabis. Modern family offices focus on transparency and provide access to in-depth information, which was never available for traditional models. It is mostly because the former focuses on wisely using the money within a client’s lifetime, while the latter had the goal of preserving the wealth for future generations.

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Industry Tips

Common Mistakes to Avoid to Maximize Your Sales Outreach

The family office is often difficult to understand and analyze because it is known to be secretive in its conduct in the private wealth landscape. Because of this, the traditional techniques of targeting potential clients do not work as well as they once did.

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Industry Trends

HNWIs and Their Recent Interests and Investments

A report called ‘Mapping the Location and Assets of the Family Office Ecosystem’ was released by FINTRX. The latter provides data and information on high-net worth individuals and the report provides insight on where these wealthy individuals are investing their funds.
However, real estate investors may find the report hard to digest. They need to be thoroughly assessed, along with their pros and cons as compared to real estate.

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