Industry Trends

Opportunity Zone Investments By Family Offices Will Increase In 2021

I hear from many people who are wondering what family offices are doing in response to the Covid-19 crisis when it comes to real estate investing. After speaking with many family offices that I know, it appears that their position and willingness to invest in some of the upcoming distressed opportunities is different than it was during the Great Recession.

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Impact Investment

The Key to Digitalizing the Future Family Office

According to Coldwell Banker, American millennials will soon be the wealthiest generation by 2030, inheriting about $68 trillion from their parents. However, this transfer has complications in store for family offices, leaving them to figure out millennial’s investment interests and technological preferences. Apart from this, it also presents opportunities for family offices to change how they manage, invest, use, and share money.

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Family Offices

Tips For Setting Up Your Own Family Bank

If there’s one financial strategy that’s never failed me, it’s cashflow banking. I wrote about this strategy in my book What Would Billionaires Do?, but the basic premise is: start earning interest instead of paying it, cut out the middleman (the bank), and have access to your money before 59½, along with a multitude of other benefits.

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Alvarium Investments Expands To Italy

Alvarium Investments, a global Multi-Family Office and investment company based in London, branches out to Italy through their brand-new Milan office. This expansion opens a whole set of opportunities for families, foundations and institutions across the region.

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