Cerestra and Kolte Patil Family Office Launch Proptech Asset Platform

Cerestra Advisors, an Indian private equity firm, and KPFO Ventures have joined together for a co-owned property technology platform, where investors can co-own assets.

The two have named the platform Winvest and will be live next month with an asset portfolio of up to $100,000 million. Seed investment in the platform will be made by KPFO Ventures, and Cerestra will identify assets, manage assets and investors, and close deals.

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Family Offices

Harness Wealth Raises $15 Million for Tax Advisory Tool

Although family offices have been around since the 1800s, they’ve only begun to flourish in recent years.

Family offices tend to target individuals with more than $1bn assets, while multi-family targets those with more than $20bn. This means there are plenty of people that require a helping hand with their family resources. That’s where Harness Wealth’s initiative comes in.

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