What is the Future of AI?

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Michael Haenlein speaks to Ramia about the future of AI – a discussion that requires a look at its history.

What is Deep Listening?

Deep listening is much more than hearing – it is a skill as important as speaking and a vital part of communication. On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Oscar Trimboli speaks to Ramia about his five rules of deep listening.

January 2020 Family Office Data Report

A vast array of the world’s asset managers, bankers, private businesses and fund managers leverage the FINTRX platform to identify, access and raise family office capital. Blending research, analytics and technology into a single solution, we provided further analysis into the most prominent family office data trends our research team compiled from January of 2020. Continue reading for a complete breakdown on how last month unfolded within our ecosystem of 2,749+ family offices, 10,970+ family office contacts and 7,396+ tracked investments.