Finlight’s mission is to provide institutionally sized investors with all the digital intelligence they need to monitor cross-asset risks and make robust decisions better, all from one place. In this digital age, it is unacceptable that investors are still forced to use tools that are not geared towards their needs. This is why Finlight brings together an uniquely versatile and turn-key platform. Just for you because everyone has their own set of unique requirements. Finlight’s solution offers three complementary modules:
Data intelligence manager
This module enables you to consolidate all assets together and perform systematic risk-return analytics to enrich reporting and bring on-demand insight to make sure your portfolio aligns with your targets. The benefit is unified information and data to fill all your systems' requirements.

Performance and risk tools
This module is what takes reporting to the next level to assess the impact of decisions on the ability to hit goals. It provides advanced analysis such as stress testing and scenario analysis but also enables users to benchmark themselves against peers and third party investment professionals so that you may identify the sources of improvement and improve selection. You will gain an enhanced workflow, productivity will be increased, and better decisions can be made.

Digital Knowledge centre
No family office can internalise all the skills it needs. They need to manage complex portfolios by using third-party intermediaries in a way that does not protect independence nor eliminate their conflicts of interest, Finlight can help you solve this problem. We are community-driven with one shared goal: increase transparency by sharing and collectively improving best practices. This way, through the Finlight network, you will always be able to find the very skills you need among trusted members. The benefit is to protect confidentiality and access to top skills in the most trustworthy and independent format.

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