Family offices and institutionally-sized allocators lack access to technological solutions that flexibly and efficiently solve their needs. The existing software and tools currently available are inadequate because:

-     They are too specialised or expensive to meet their operational requirements
-     They have complex data management and upload processes
-     They are unable to handle private equity flows adequately

Finlight exists to ease the operational pain of asset consolidation, reporting and risk management. We unlock insightful information for our clients, helping them to gain time and manage uncertainty.

We were founded by family officers and asset management veterans. Our mission is to make digital technologies more affordable to help family offices solve complex demands, unlock productivity and expand know-how.

Finlight is the only versatile and affordable asset management software that matches our clients’ needs in terms of flexibility and completeness. They can now manage all financial and non-financial assets, risks and principals (beneficial owners) from one central, highly secure place.

Unlike existing solutions, Finlight’s artificial intelligence-based technology eliminates the need to use banking APIs to extract, clean, centralise and upload assets data. Uploading PDF statements, trade notifications… will suffice.

Finlight’s features include the ability to:
-     Compute total consolidated NAV per principal, family or entity
-     Automate reporting per asset, portfolio, beneficial owner, entity or group
-     Quantify risks ex-ante to reach goals and achieve the required liquidity
-     Access peers wisdom to supplement in-house skills and enhance coverage

Unlike competitors, Finlight's technological uniqueness lies in its ability to:
(1) Remove IT set-up requirements on users' side as to avoid disruptions
(2) Protect confidentiality by eliminating the need to use banking APIs
(3) Go beyond past performance reporting to support decision-making
(4) Systemise input and output data quality controls to guarantee reliability

This way, family offices and institutional investors can now benefit from:

-     Lower management costs by at least 25%
-     Increased decision management resilience
-     Enhanced stakeholders alignment