6 Tips for Family Offices Who Want To Start Impact Investing

Families, family offices and private investors alike have become increasingly interested in impact investing in recent years. The notion that investments can be better aligned to a family’s values while still generating market-related returns is undeniably appealing. At the same time, however, many investors remain concerned about the uncertainty in exactly how to get started.

5 Family Offices Making Impact Investments

Impact investing has experienced immense growth in the last decade, outperforming the benchmark for eight out of the last 10 years, according to the MSCI ESG Leaders Index. Utilizing FINTRX, our family office data and research platform, which covers hundreds of families active in ESG/impact investments, we’ve shared five family offices making impact investments across an array of industries, sectors, and asset classes.

How To Attract Superior Family Office Investment Opportunities

Family office investment opportunities are on the rise. This is thanks to family office investment enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity as alternatives to venture capital. With this comes a new breed of entrepreneurs and startups who seek far more than just investment capital from their investors.

Why family offices are on Guernsey’s radar – Lexology

Guernsey’s recently published Financial Services Policy Framework describes how the government, industry and the regulator, the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), will work together to capitalise on the range of specialisms that attract family offices, and the business they generate, to the jurisdiction. Read the full article here.