First Study About the Reaction of Family Offices on the Coronavirus Published


MUNICHMarch 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The international family office portal published the worldwide first detailed study about the reaction of the most important family investment firms on the current pandemic.

The majority of the participants of the study is looking optimistically into the future: 60% expect a significantly better situation on financial markets in 12 months, 26.7% expect a slightly better situation. Only 13.3% of the family office executives think that the situation on the markets will remain unchanged.  

Overall, 66.7% of the participants expect the heaviest financial losses on financial markets, followed by 13.3% percent who expect the heaviest losses in venture capital. The portfolios of the surveyed family offices performed better than most stock markets: 57.1% of the participants experienced -10% to 0% losses from February 25th2020 to March 16th. Only 7.1% reported losses between -30% and -20%. 

Most family offices are already exploring investment opportunities, like distressed equity or bonds. Many family offices target tech stocks (like Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google) as well as food companies. Others are preparing private equity purchases.

Also daily operations at the surveyed family offices are disturbed through COVID-19:  80% of family offices from the study state that their daily work is impeded by the pandemic.  The participating family offices changed to working from home in order to fight the COVID-19 spread: 46.7% of family office teams are completely working from home, the remaining 53.3% are working partly from home office. Besides that, also hygienic standards at the surveyed family offices are increased, governmental guidelines are strictly followed and additional internal company policies are created.

The study was conducted with 15 selected family offices from the United States and Europe. 53.3% of the participants were executives from major multi family offices, 46.7% were single family office executives. is the world's leading family office portal. The portal publishes family office investment news and industry trends, as well as investigative research and advice for family office executives. More than +1,000 family office and investment professionals subscribed to the company's monthly newsletter. Besides that, offers databases of global single and multi family offices and consults major family offices in topics like marketing, deal sourcing, business development and research.

If you would like to receive the complete study for further use and publication, please reach out to Leo Semmelmann at [email protected]

Contact: Leo Semmelmann 
Phone: +49 89 38466606
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