Our House of Spice: How Can Family Businesses Listen to their Hearts and their Customers?

The daughters of Indian immigrants to England, Julia and Nadia Latif spent their childhood in the East Anglian countryside. Their entrepreneurial venture exhibits the work ethic that defined their parents and grandparents’ struggle to raise a family in a new country.

The Latif sisters had always dreamt of starting a business together. Before Our House of Spice, they both felt trapped in careers they were ambivalent towards. When they lost a close friend unexpectedly, they had a realisation that many entrepreneurs share: life’s too short. So, they handed in their notices. Without knowing what they would do exactly, they looked to what they loved for inspiration. 

Since then, they’ve been sharing the soul of homestyle Indian food with kitchens across Great Britain through their family recipes. Julia and Nadia communicate their experience of Indian food and the recipes they grew up on through their e-commerce spice mix business, Our House of Spice.

We sat down with Julia Latif, Co-founder of Our House of Spice, to talk about how the sisters’ spice mix start-up came to be, what family had to do with it and how packets of spice have changed their lives forever.

Read the full article on Tharawat Magazine.

This post originally appeared on The Family Business Voice.

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