Morgan Stanley Releases a Report on Single Family Office Best Practices


The family office industry has been booming in recent years. Since 2008, the sector has recorded a ten-fold growth in the number of family offices. Morgan Stanley, one of the largest financial services organisations in the world, has released a new report detailing the best practices in the Single Family Office space. In it, the report addresses the most common questions raised by the company’s Single Family Office clients as well as insights that are coming through from thought leaders such as Simple.

“The family office industry is both rapidly expanding and changing at the same time with the next generation stepping into their roles as future wealth owners. This brings emerging expectations, and both family office management and their service providers need to rise to meet these demands in order to remain the trusted partners.”    

Francois Botha, Founder at Simple

The Single Family Offices served by Morgan Stanley have been posting queries relating to performance, growth, and efficiency, even before the time of COVID-19. The ongoing pandemic has served to further raise these questions regarding the best investment strategies and adapting to a changing market. The report is an attempt to address all these questions and allow Single Family Offices to realise their true potential.

The report has been divided into six major sections, including Mission and Purpose, Setup and Operations, Asset Management, Financial Administration, Wealth Advisory, and Lifestyle Advisory and Concierge. Each section highlights pertinent issues and queries related to the family office industry.

Valerie Wong Fountain, Head of Signature Access and Single Family Office Advisory, Morgan Stanley Family Office Resources, said, “There is no simple formula to follow when creating or maintaining a Single Family Office. In fact, some family offices are formed explicitly because the existing service models don’t sufficiently address the family’s unique needs”.

“The Single Family Offices we serve are always on the lookout for new ideas to enhance their efficiency and improve their performance, as well as their impact and philanthropic missions, and we are pleased to be able to provide them this report as a resource.”

Valerie Wong Fountain – Morgan Stanley, Head of Signature Access

To access the full report by Morgan Stanley, please click here.

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