Where are Your Family Business Roots?


Odd Couple, an Asian fusion diner born of Andy Yuen’s drive to do Canadian-Chinese in a contemporary style, exemplifies Saskatoon, Canada’s growing reputation as a culturally diverse food hub.

Andy’s path to success wasn’t easy. Like many immigrants, he was a cartographer mapping an unknown land. He integrated into the community finding his bearings in life and business while trying to live up to his parents’ lofty expectations.

On this episode of the Family Business Voice, Andy Yuen talks to Ramia about owning a favourite restaurant in one of Canada’s surprise culinary destinations.

– Andy was inspired to do something different than the previous generation of Chinese-Canadian restauranteurs.

– Like many Canadians, Andy identifies with more than one community – a rich cultural history that translates to Odd Couple’s singular take on Asian Cuisine.

– Andy is both proud of where he comes from and where he is; it’s the synthesis that makes it all possible.

This post originally appeared on The Family Business Voice.

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