Understanding the needs of the modern family office

There’s no doubt that family offices continue to evolve, with traditional models, where a family’s interests are directed by a single ‘head’ in a small number of jurisdictions with shared objectives, being a thing of the past. Today, a family office is much more global, diverse, and tech-savvy. Read the full article here.

When Families Welcome New Family Members & Cultures: What To Consider

The growth and preservation of wealth are arguably one of every family office’s key priorities. While the focus has predominantly been on wealth and asset management and strategy, in recent years, this has shifted to encompass more personal considerations like next-generation engagement and succession planning.

The 5 Cs Of Family Business Success

A growing body of evidence indicates that family-owned operations outperform non-family owned ones in every sector across the globe over the long term and especially during times of recession. This finding has been reflected in Credit Suisse Research reports since 2006, as well as research conducted by McKinsey and the Boston Consulting Group.