Through a patient philosophy and disciplined process, we seek limited partnership interests in privately-held enterprises with sustainable business models that offer exceptional, uncorrelated risk-adjusted returns and downside protection. By marrying rigorous bottom-up, fundamental analysis with top-down macro research, we tactically invest across the capital structure in companies with identifiable catalysts that will perform through market cycles while remaining agnostic to geography. We only infuse capital in organizations with clear operational insights and meaningful relationships that align with our ethos and high ethical standards that actively enhance social, intellectual, and environmental benefit. Furthermore, we may employ leverage and concentrated investment strategies from time to time.

Governed by a single family office, Ten One Capital is a private investment vehicle, which ultimately maximizes an ImPact portfolio and philanthropic endeavors by preserving generational wealth, including real estate and energy assets. During periods of excess liquidity, we may prudently deploy capital with managed funds and allocate to venture capital through strategic partnerships and catalytic platforms. We are not accepting outside commitments at this time.

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