Built by the Scott family to serve their wealth and the wealth of families like yours, Sandaire brings deep knowledge to your family’s unique needs.

While every family of wealth has their own distinct story, we all share pivotal moments that form part of our family lore, whether in recent times or the distant past. Times of triumph, of tough choices and pioneering paths taken. It’s what makes each family wonderfully unique, but it is also a common bond, irrespective of whether wealth is situated at the first or fifth generation of its lifecycle.

Sandaire’s journey began over a century ago with the pioneering approach and spirited personalities of the Provincial Insurance Company. A path that three generations later – following the sale of Provincial – led to the formation of a family office to meet the investment needs of the Scott family. As expertise widened, so did our offer, creating today’s multi-family office working with extraordinary families to manage their multigenerational wealth needs.

Our people are experts and have held senior roles across the breadth of the financial services industry in asset management; private banking; private equity; sustainable, responsible and impact investment; professional trusteeship and accounting.

Our Investment, Real Estate, Corporate Finance and Private Equity teams have over 250 years of combined investment experience. This expertise, coupled with our network of professional partners is the lifeblood of our firm and allows us to give confident, effective and highly valuable advice to clients.


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